Currently there are estimated to be 284 million people worldwide who suffer from some form of anxiety like Generalized Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic Disorders. Anxiety can affect people differently in many different ways, from shaking hands to panic attacks, especially when people are faced with social interactions on a daily basis. While anxiety is very prevalent there is a stigma around having it and it is viewed as something that can easily get better. Many people often hide their anxiety and it can be hard to tell that they suffer from some form. The Visualizing the Invisible: Exploring Anxiety poster series offers a glimpse into the mind of others and how they perceive their anxiety through the use of illustration. The posters along with the website encourage a conversation about a mental health topic that is usually dismissed and stigmatized. This also encourages others to seek help for their anxiety and to bring awareness that not every problem or illness can be seen. 
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